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Looking for an iPhone 6? Or a brand new iPhone 6 Plus? Well you've come to the right shop! We've scoured the web and in conjunction with eBay, the most trusted auction site, bring you the best prices on all things iPhone - the iPhone 4 and 4S, 5,and now the 6 and 6 Plus, together with accessories and of course the Turbo-sim, for unlocking your iPhone to any GSM provider.

The currrent latest iPhone, the iPhone 5S, with a highly rated camera capable of recording at at 120fps

The iPhone 5S is the current latest model from Apple, with an enhanced retina display, the legendary A6 proocessor which makes it slightly faster than the iPhone 5 and the ability to use Facetime between other iPhone users. Also new is a 1080p HD video camera (which can record at 120 frames per second) and also multi-tasking with apps.

The iPhone, the iPhone 5C, with enhanced display and an all new design and funky colors

The iPhone 5C is the current latest model from Apple, available in several funky colors to show off to your friends.

The Queen of iPhone, the iPhone 4S (Speed)

The iPhone 4S is Apple's previous model (4rd generation) of iPhone and its main features are the increased speed (up to double the speed of the older models), a built-in compass, the ability to record and upload video, a vastly improved camera, voice-control and much more! It's currently available in a 16 gigabyte and whopping 32 gigabyte model.

Most purchases are through PayPal, if you don't have a PayPal account, you will be able to sign up for one using any of the following methods: buy iPhone
We recommend the iPhone 4S as it is cheaper than ever and provides several key upgrades!
We recommend an unlocked iPhone 4 to those on a budget!
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Unlocked) 256gb - Gold
Apple iPhone 7 Plus (Unlocked) 256gb - Gold
Time Remaining: 31m
Buy It Now for only: $1,399.88
Apple iPhone 6 - 64GB - Silver (Factory Unlocked) Smartphone
Apple iPhone 6 - 64GB - Silver (Factory Unlocked) Smartphone
$310.77 (7 Bids)
Time Remaining: 39m
Apple iPhone 6 - 64GB - Silver Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T)
Apple iPhone 6 - 64GB - Silver Unlocked Smartphone (AT&T)
$251.00 (31 Bids)
Time Remaining: 41m

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iPhone 2G (or buy a pre-unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 2G)

iPhone 3G (or buy a pre-unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 3G)

Why be locked to your current provider? Want to use the iPhone with other providers? iPhone Shop uses a powerful engine to search the web for the best deals on unlocked iPhones, both the 2G and 3G models!

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About the iPhone

The Apple iPhone is an internet connected multimedia smartphone with a flush multi-touch screen and a minimal hardware interface. Lacking a physical keyboard, a virtual keyboard is rendered on the touch screen. The iPhone's functions include those of a camera phone and portable media player (equivalent to the iPod) in addition to text messaging and visual voicemail.iphoneIt also offers Internet services including e-mail, web browsing, and local Wi-Fi connectivity. The first generation phone hardware was quad-band GSM with EDGE; the second generation also adds UMTS with HSDPA.

The original iPhone came in 4gb, 8gb and 16gb models and supported GPRS and EDGE connectivity. GPS functionality was provided using Wifi and cellular tower triangulation, which is not as precise as "proper" GPS. The original iPhone came supplied in black (thanks Henry Ford aka Steve Jobs).

The iPhone 3G, supplied in either 8gb or 16gb configurations and also coming in an additional colour (white as well as black, although the white one is only available in the 16gb configuration), added, as the name suggests, 3g connectivity. In addition, proper GPS was added. Some cosmetic changes were made, most evidently the back was now plastic instead of the previous models metal.

Activation, unlocking and jaibreaking

Unlike other cell phones, the iPhone requires activation and will (out-of-the-box) only work with a specific provider in the US. In addition, only applications from the Apple App store can be used. Software and hardware modifications allow the iPhone to be activated, unlocked and jailbroken, allowing the use of any GSM carrier and third-party applications.

The process of unlocking allows your iPhone to use any GSM sim. Note the term "GSM", AKA, not verizon, sprint, alltel, nextel, etc. These carriers are CDMA or iDen, a different technology then the iPhone, they are never going to work.

Jailbreaking is the term we use to describe how we gain access to the root file system on the iPhone. Normally, we can only see a certain folder within this filesystem because of Apple's locking methods, called a chroot jail. This folder houses all the media stuff from iTunes, but not the juicy stuff, the iPhone's OS. Through several different methods which you needn't concern yourself with, we can "break" out of this little sandbox, allowing us to modify files and perform all these cool hacks.

Currently, hardware modifications allow both the 2G and 3G iPhone to be unlocked and jailbroken, however these cost money. Software modifications allow the 2G iPhone to be activated, unlocked and jailbroken, while currently the iPhone 3G can currently only be jailbroken now be activated, unlocked and jailbroken. Some countries only allow the sale of provider-unlocked iPhones and hence the 3G iPhone can be purchased (at a premium) in an unlocked state (see links on right for these).

The links on the left provide more information on activating, unlocking and jailbreaking.

Click here to buy unlocked 2G Apple iPhones (pre-unlocked, jailbroken and activated through software, no additional hardware required) or click here to buy an unlocked iPhone 3G

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